Alison Campbell Ceramics and Jewellery

I spent the first 22 years of my life in Canada before travelling the world and settling in the UK. I then studied at Harrow College, gaining a degree in Workshop Ceramics in 1995, and have lived on the edge of the Pennines since then.

My bowls have twice been featured in Country Living magazine, once on the cover.

I work entirely in porcelain, enjoying its density, strength and texture. I would describe myself as a tactile person, and the feel of my ceramics plays a central part in the development of my work.

The natural edges and softness of clay are also important to me, and I want my finished work to reflect this – so that the completed, hard, vitrified piece still holds elements of the malleable material and liquid glazes that went into its making.

A new development is jewellery-making. Using silver, semi-precious stones and traditional techniques, I put my personal design ethos into the pieces I make. As with the ceramics, it is important to me that the finished pieces reflect the making process.

All ceramics are fully functional, and all silver jewellery is hallmarked.